My Evolution as a Yoga Teacher with Wendy Garafalo

Wendy Garafalo teaches classes at The Green Yogi and is leading two teacher trainings this fall for the Mukti Yoga School.  The first, co-taught with Linda Baffa, is an 150-Hour Foundation Training and begins this Friday Septemper 12th, 2014.  Meetings are two weekends per month ending in February 2015.  The second, co-taught with Chelsea Rothert, is a 50-hour Therapeutic [...]

Teacher Trainings at The Green Yogi: Not Just for Aspiring Teachers!

I'm excited to re-feature one of our beloved Green Yogi teachers today on The Daily Greens Blog, Linda Baffa! Linda is truly an inspiration to our team, As a yogi, mother, wife, and friend, she can do it all, even lead AMAZING yoga teacher trainings, which she's coined "Enrich Your Life Trainings." The next one we [...]

Free Yoga at The Green Yogi

Every few months The Green Yogi offers Yoga 101 for new and seasoned yogis that are looking for a little refresher. If you've missed the opportunity before, now is your chance! Wendy Garafalo will teach the 2 hour workshop, Saturday January 25th from 4:00-6:00pm, and is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the practice of yoga [...]

Did you hear?

Wendy Garafalo is back from maternity leave! After welcoming a new bundle of baby girl joy this past October, Wendy is returning to The Green Yogi to teach Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 12pm and Sundays at 9:30am.  (Her subs Ali Ownes and Dani Robinson have been wonderful, and you'll continue to see their names on the [...]