3 Ways to Stay Present in Yoga Class

We've been covering the 8 Limbs of Yoga and have finally reached the “tip” in the iceberg of yoga, the physical body postures we all know and love! (Still catching up? Here are the posts on Limb 1 and Limb 2!) How many times have you practiced yoga? A hundred? More? Let’s explore how we [...]

Free Yoga at The Green Yogi

Every few months The Green Yogi offers Yoga 101 for new and seasoned yogis that are looking for a little refresher. If you've missed the opportunity before, now is your chance! Wendy Garafalo will teach the 2 hour workshop, Saturday January 25th from 4:00-6:00pm, and is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the practice of yoga [...]

Yogis Can Help in Haiti

It's hard to believe I'm already writing about events that are going to take place in 2014, but here we are!  One of our wonderful teachers Dani Robinson became involved with the organization Yogis Can Help and is teaching a Vinyasa Flow and Yin class at The Green Yogi on Saturday January 4th from 3-5pm! The suggested donation is [...]

Yin and Yang

The term Yin and Yang is often used to describe the seemingly contrary forces that are in fact interconnected in our world. We can't have one without the other; physical manifestations like life and death, male and female, light and dark, fire and water, are all opposites but complimentary.    Which is why we are [...]