The Yogi

I tend to be wary of labels but I don't think I'd mind if I was called The Yogi by TIME Magazine, you? Tamal Dodge, a Green Yogi teacher, was recently labeled as such by the mag and it fits him well.  In TIME's Health & Family section Alexandra Sifferlin asked the important questions about food, exercise, [...]

Fruits and Vegetables

I'm not vegan. But in honor of World Vegan Day (I didn't know it existed until about 20 minutes ago...) I decided our my dinner tonight will be "animal-less." After deciding what to make for dinner (grilled peppers, eggplant, corn, and portabellos with garlic, basil, and pesto!) "Eat your fruits and vegetables" is one of [...]

Vegan AND Gluten Free Dinner Party…

Even before having a baby, that's asleep by 8pm every night, having friends over for dinner was one of my favorite ways to spend an evening.  It's comfortable, relaxing, not to mention economical!  Especially these days when the babysitter charges $15 an hour to watch the baby... sleep! Last week my husband and I had [...]