6 Easy Ways To Reach Your Health Goals

Our favorite holistic health coach, Katie Bressack is helping us plan for the new year in advance! Today she's sharing her tips for setting healthy intentions, a recipe for a simple salad, and 6 quick & easy ways to reach your health goals!  Have you set New Year's goals with every intention on reaching them but haven't been able [...]

3 Ways to Stay Present in Yoga Class

We've been covering the 8 Limbs of Yoga and have finally reached the “tip” in the iceberg of yoga, the physical body postures we all know and love! (Still catching up? Here are the posts on Limb 1 and Limb 2!) How many times have you practiced yoga? A hundred? More? Let’s explore how we [...]

Happy {November} Intentions

image via halfmoonyogaWith the holiday season in full effect, Jingle Balls was playing today at Trader Joe's..., I thought it was timely to write a little about intentions. The first thing yoga teachers at The Green Yogi (and most other studios too) often say at the start of a class is "start by taking a moment [...]