Chicken and Veggie Curry

A friend of mine recently had a beautiful baby girl and after her birth a friend of ours set up a Meal Train. If you've never heard of the website or concept, I hadn't either, but it is genius! is a free solution that simplifies the organization of giving and receiving meals for new [...]

Healthy Halloween!

Spooky Spiders, scary skeletons, and sweets, oh my!  For many people Halloween is a time of fantasy, cocktails, candy, and costumes; and while some of us might fantasize having a handful of bite size candy every day doesn't add up we all should recognize if our yoga routine stays the same and our sugar intake [...]

Dinner Inspiration

Sometimes you get a little bored with just plain brown rice, chicken, and steamed veggies. So today we're going to offer some super easy ways to spice up dinner staples! All you need are a couple more ingredients and voila, Bon Appetite! Instead of plain rice, make a brown rice with mushrooms, celery, spices, and [...]