Extra! Extra!

Read all about it! The Green Yogi Berkeley was featured in the Berkeley High Jacket recently. This is the first time, we know of at least, that our studio has been reported on in a high school newspaper, and we think it's pretty awesome! As yoga becomes more and more prevalent in adult practitioners lives it only [...]

Yoga Quick Tips!

Have you had a chance to check out all our online classes yet at The Green Yogi? They're truly fantastic and we are filming more classes all the time! In addition to the wonderful Hip Opening, Detoxifying, Strengthening, Lengthening, Backbends, Arm Balances, and Relaxation classes there is also a really informative and helpful Quick Tips section that [...]

Career Contessa: Mary Strong

Have you heard about Career Contessa? It's an innovative website for women! Sorry guys, but you all probably have some awesome women in your life you could share this with right? Well if you haven't heard of it yet and are not 110% satisfied with your career you need to check it out. The ladies behind [...]


You might remember this post back in September, about The Green Yogi creating online classes? Well the wait has paid off and The Green Yogi's online classes have launched this past week, click here to see them! We are so excited to extend our outreach far beyond our studio, so that anyone in the world can take our teacher's [...]

North Berkeley Green Yogi News

http://instagram.com/p/jAeL0eEm57/ The Green Yogi North Berkeley is opening for yoga! Our doors will be open and yoga will be practiced starting this Saturday January 18th, oh yeah and it's FREE. click here for our North Berkeley schedule. We are truly honored to open our second location in the beautiful community of North Berkeley. We (Mary and her helpers) [...]