6 Easy Ways To Reach Your Health Goals

Our favorite holistic health coach, Katie Bressack is helping us plan for the new year in advance! Today she's sharing her tips for setting healthy intentions, a recipe for a simple salad, and 6 quick & easy ways to reach your health goals!  Have you set New Year's goals with every intention on reaching them but haven't been able [...]

12 Tips To Change Your Body From The Inside Out

As we slide into a new season, Green Yogi and nutrition and wellness counselor Katie Bressack is sharing a few healthy-living tips. Enjoy! 12 Tips To Change Your Body From The Inside Out 1. Eat real chocolate (raw cacao) to help increase your energy levels, balance your mood and reduce your sugar cravings. 2. Balance [...]

The Anti Diet: A New Way to Lose Weight

Last Saturday, Holistic Health Coach, Katie Bressack teamed up with lululemon to take a group of people to Whole Foods and teach them how to healthfully shop at the grocery store. Lucky for you Katie is sharing some of her best tips with us! If you missed last weekend's grocery trip, Katie will be hosting another complimentary [...]

Healthy Holiday Challenge!

The holiday season is jam packed with what should be joyful events. But between the shopping, decorating, and work, friend, and family celebrations, (usually accompanied by delicious {calorific} food and drinks) it can be a challenge to take care of yourself this time of year. How to deal? With a little support from The Green [...]

New Year New You! Part IV

If you've missed Balanced Beings Katie Bressack's other posts on how to transform yourself and your diet in 2013 click here, here and here.  If you've been following her tips this is her last post but you can always head over to www.balanced-beings.com and follow her blog, which was chosen by the Psychology of Eating as one of [...]