Kids Yoga Classes in Manhattan Beach

Summer is quickly approaching and we're already filling up our calendars! If you're searching for kid-friendly activities, we've got just the thing: Our instructor Jamie Horgan is leading some great Yoga for Kids classes in Manhattan Beach as a part of a Mukti Yoga School teacher training module. Kids can join Jamie and other yoga instructors who [...]

Sweat Confessional: Jamie Horgan

Meet Jamie Horgan, The Green Yogi Manhattan Beach instructor who's known for her strong, sweaty, wisdom-filled classes. She'll teach you to find your own strength and get into poses you never thought possible. Let's get to know her, shall we?! 5 things I always have in my yoga/workout bag: I can only think of 3. I'm [...]

YOGIS of the Month!! Anne and Kevin

We are so excited to honor our first married couple as manduka sponsored Green YOGIS of the Month for November! Anne Carlin and Kevin Civale have been married for over 28 years, and the couple that practices yoga together, truly stays together. Individually and as a couple, Anne and Kevin are such inspirations to our team [...]

Deep Backbends

Why do we practice backbends in yoga? These poses open the heart chakra, build courage and stamina, and give us the sort of energy that propels us to reach out toward others. All good benefits right? Which is why we're looking forward to Jamie Horgan's Advance Your Practice Deep Backbend Workshop at The Green Yogi this Sunday [...]