Farm Fresh To You

About 2 months ago I signed my family up for Farm Fresh To You's delivery service.  The concept is organic produce delivered directly to our doorstep from Farm Fresh To You's family farm or other local organic farmers. I'd heard about the service for years from yogis at The Green Yogi and a friend of mine from [...]

Fruits and Vegetables

I'm not vegan. But in honor of World Vegan Day (I didn't know it existed until about 20 minutes ago...) I decided our my dinner tonight will be "animal-less." After deciding what to make for dinner (grilled peppers, eggplant, corn, and portabellos with garlic, basil, and pesto!) "Eat your fruits and vegetables" is one of [...]

Super Food for the Super Bowl

I was surprised to learn this morning on my way to work, thank you NPR, that the Super Bowl was the second biggest eating holiday in America right after Thanksgiving.  Who knew?  So I thought why not do a post about Super Foods that we could all indulge in on Sunday that are easy, nutritious, [...]

Green Tips for Decorating

I love flowers.  They make me happy, add much needed color to a kitchen table, bedroom, bathroom, coffee table, etc. but they can be pricey and over all wasteful especially if you're like me and always want to have natural elements in your home.  I'm not a huge fan of fake flowers although there are [...]

Healthy Dessert or Snack

I remember to spell dessert with 2 s's because you always want seconds of dessert, at least I do!  And although it's near impossible for me to resist a bowl of ice cream or slice of banana cream pie I can at least give myself a fighting chance when I stock up on healthy sweet [...]