Balanced Beings

This blog post comes to us from the lovely Katie Bressack.  She is part of our Green Yogi community and has recently started her own company Balanced Beings.  Katie creates personalized health programs for people who are balancing it all but forget to make themselves and their health a priority.  Katie is a board Certified Holistic [...]

Coconut Love

Lately it's hard to ignore coconut based products and for good reason, they're kind of amazing.  What's even better?  The purest forms: the water, oil and butter, called macca (the meat of the coconut) are the easiest to use and offer the most health benefits. By incorporating coconut into your routine you'll experience better brain [...]

Banana Bread-Gluten Free

A staple in our house is homemade banana bread.  Inspired by our gluten free dinner party I decided to try a gluten free recipe.  This recipe is healthier all around calling for coconut oil, applesauce, and a couple different kinds of sans gluten flour.  (I just used King Arthur's Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Flour.) And the healthier banana [...]