Practice Yoga + Become a Better Writer: 3 Lessons from Author Helena Echlin

One of our beloved TGY Berkeley yogis, Helena Echlin, just recently published a supernatural thriller "Sparked". Discover how her journey through her yoga practice has influenced her writing in her article below.   I recently published a novel, Sparked. It’s the story of Laurel Goodwin, whose sister Ivy is kidnapped – and the only people [...]

11 Intentions To Inspire Your Next Yoga Practice

In just about every yoga class, the instructor invites you to focus on an intention. As our teacher Anne Spinner is known to say, picture a blank canvas stretched out in front of you, and imagine painting your intention onto the white space. Imagine setting the painted canvas in front of you. Picture it throughout class, using your intention as inspiration [...]

5 Quotes to Inspire You After A Long Weekend

We're feeling like we need a little boost after a long 4th of July weekend! It can be hard to get back into a routine after lots of sun and fun, so we have 5 quotes to inspire you to get back into it: What's your favorite quote? Most effective way to motivate yourself? Do tell! 

Prenatal Yoga 101

Yoga is amazing.  We all know that.  Yoga keeps us strong and fit, clears our mind and spirit and helps us heal. Yoga prepares our internal state for interaction with the outside world - and that is just a tiny, itty-bitty part of this beautiful thing - for anybody. Now, imagine you have a small soul [...]

How to Avoid Wrist Pain in Yoga

Whether you're a seasoned crow-poser or a downdog newbie, you most likely have had some kind of yoga sensation in your radio-carpal joint - also known as your wrist! It's important to find flexibility in this space for long term health on and off the mat. (So that's why we're here!) How many times have you heard, [...]