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Fulfilling the Need to Live Better

Our motto here at The Green Yogi is simple: Be Inspired. Okay, maybe that’s not so simple. In a world with too much pollution, competition, fear, anger and uncertainty to go around, we can often feel deflated instead of inspired. But every once in awhile something comes around, a spark, a suggestion, a friend, a … Continue reading

Full Moon, Restless Yogi

Ever heard anyone say, “I’m feeling the full moon?” Ever wonder if you are, actually, “feeling the full moon” yourself? How do you know? The moon moves oceans; it can most certainly move your mood. When the moon is full, it is opposite the sun in comparison to our position here (as Earth, you know, … Continue reading

Plant the Seeds of Intention

The New Year is here! This means a few things at The Green Yogi: first, our annual Yoga Challenge is upon us; second, our amazing students are setting intentions for a new year of goals. You are likely overwhelmed with goal-setting advice this time of year. But if you can listen to just one more … Continue reading