Practice Yoga + Become a Better Writer: 3 Lessons from Author Helena Echlin

One of our beloved TGY Berkeley yogis, Helena Echlin, just recently published a supernatural thriller "Sparked". Discover how her journey through her yoga practice has influenced her writing in her article below.   I recently published a novel, Sparked. It’s the story of Laurel Goodwin, whose sister Ivy is kidnapped – and the only people [...]

Fulfilling the Need to Live Better

Our motto here at The Green Yogi is simple: Be Inspired. Okay, maybe that's not so simple. In a world with too much pollution, competition, fear, anger and uncertainty to go around, we can often feel deflated instead of inspired. But every once in awhile something comes around, a spark, a suggestion, a friend, a [...]

Bodyweight vs. Dumbbells … is yoga the new “it” routine in pro sports?

Last night, at age 48, Herschel Walker won his fourth professional mixed martial arts fight. Though he has had celebrated careers as an Olympic-level bobsledder and professional football player in the NFL, he says he is now in the best shape of his entire life. In February, he ran a 4.38 40-yard dash. To put [...]