Our Hero for July: Kevin Blair

  Nickname: KB Classes Taken: 96 since the beginning of the year Occupation: Capital Markets/Trading for Liquid Venture Partners Charity: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. FUN FACT: I commute weekly from the Bay Area to Manhattan Beach. FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR & WHY: I love Anne Spinner’s class- what I like is that I get my butt [...]

Our Hero for June: Marisa Landsberg

MARISA LANDSBERG Class taken: 80 Occupation: Mom, Activist (animals & environment) Fun Fact: I am a vegan Favorite Instructor & Why: Sesa O’Connor & Heather Archer because they are the perfect balance of Asana & Yoga philosophy Intention for Yoga Practice: To quiet my mind & focus on the breath Favorite Pose: Headstand - I [...]

6 Easy Ways To Reach Your Health Goals

Our favorite holistic health coach, Katie Bressack is helping us plan for the new year in advance! Today she's sharing her tips for setting healthy intentions, a recipe for a simple salad, and 6 quick & easy ways to reach your health goals!  Have you set New Year's goals with every intention on reaching them but haven't been able [...]

7 Year Anniversary Celebrations!

This month marks 7 YEARS of The Green Yogi in Manhattan Beach. 7 years of yoga with YOU, our amazing yoga family. We're honored to have spent these years growing with you and learning from you. THANK YOU for coming along on this journey with us. We love and appreciate each of you! To celebrate, we're [...]