6 Easy Ways To Reach Your Health Goals

Our favorite holistic health coach, Katie Bressack is helping us plan for the new year in advance! Today she's sharing her tips for setting healthy intentions, a recipe for a simple salad, and 6 quick & easy ways to reach your health goals!  Have you set New Year's goals with every intention on reaching them but haven't been able [...]

Immunity Boosters: 6 Ways to Fend off Illness

It seems like the first chilly mornings of the season bring sniffles, watery eyes and tickles to the throat. Soon, the muffled sounds of coughing are rampant in the grocery store, shopping mall and maybe even your yoga class (!!).  Cold and flu season is inevitable as the climate changes throughout the year, but what [...]

12 Tips To Change Your Body From The Inside Out

As we slide into a new season, Green Yogi and nutrition and wellness counselor Katie Bressack is sharing a few healthy-living tips. Enjoy! 12 Tips To Change Your Body From The Inside Out 1. Eat real chocolate (raw cacao) to help increase your energy levels, balance your mood and reduce your sugar cravings. 2. Balance [...]

The Healthy Detox Workshop with Katie B

Cleanses are super popular right now, remember this post about an ice cream cleanse? But what's the point of a cleanse if a month later you've lost all the benefits? This Saturday from 1:30-2:30pm at The Green Yogi, Health Guru, Katie Bressack will be discussing how to cleanse and detox your body by eating! Real whole [...]