6 Tips to Spring Clean the GREEN Way!

In honor of one of our favorite holidays (Earth Day, of course!) we're encouraging all of you eco-friendly yogis to donate or give away 31 items - one for each day of April + an extra for Earth Day on April 22nd. As you're looking for items to donate, remember that some items need to disposed of [...]

6 Easy Ways To Reach Your Health Goals

Our favorite holistic health coach, Katie Bressack is helping us plan for the new year in advance! Today she's sharing her tips for setting healthy intentions, a recipe for a simple salad, and 6 quick & easy ways to reach your health goals!  Have you set New Year's goals with every intention on reaching them but haven't been able [...]

45 Life Lessons

Has anyone else noticed the later sunrises and earlier sunsets lately?! It may only be a few minutes, but we're beginning to realize that summer is quickly giving way to fall. With every change of season, we find ourselves reflecting on things we accomplished and what we learned over the previous few months, and this [...]

Sweat Confessional: Sesa O’Connor

Sesa O'Connor is one tough cookie. (Ever taken her class? Prepare to get super strong!) Get to know her beyond the mat in today's Sweat Confessional! 5 things I always have in my yoga/workout bag: I honestly don't have a yoga/workout bag...I tend to be a minimalist. So I usually just take my Manduka Eko [...]

Immunity Boosters: 6 Ways to Fend off Illness

It seems like the first chilly mornings of the season bring sniffles, watery eyes and tickles to the throat. Soon, the muffled sounds of coughing are rampant in the grocery store, shopping mall and maybe even your yoga class (!!).  Cold and flu season is inevitable as the climate changes throughout the year, but what [...]