Practice Yoga + Become a Better Writer: 3 Lessons from Author Helena Echlin

One of our beloved TGY Berkeley yogis, Helena Echlin, just recently published a supernatural thriller "Sparked". Discover how her journey through her yoga practice has influenced her writing in her article below.   I recently published a novel, Sparked. It’s the story of Laurel Goodwin, whose sister Ivy is kidnapped – and the only people [...]

How to Create a Yoga Space at Home

You know that feeling when you're rushing around like crazy, just trying to get to your yoga class on time? Or when you're scheduling your day and your studio's class times sadly don't work? We've been there. Sometimes you just can't make it to the studio. Even though we'd love to see your smiling faces, we've [...]


The minute we stepped off the plane in Kauai we were greeted with an Aloha and a lei.  We are not having a Chevy Chase level Hawaiian Vacation but the rough comical patches we have had stem from our 1 year old deciding vacations are not for rest let alone sleep...ever.  Through our heavy eyes [...]

Kirtan at the Grammys

If you were at Chelsea's and BhaktiMa's Kirtan in January at The Green Yogi you know how awesome this devotional music is and the currents of energy that come from pairing it with your yoga practice. Now the Grammy audience will as well!  Well, sort of.  Krishna Das, is nominated for Live Ananda, which was recorded [...]

Immunity Boost

With my throat sore and nose running I find myself searching the internet for ways to make sure this is my first and last cold this cold and flu season. My findings, although disappointing at first, at least leave me reassured in my everyday lifestyle choices.  So many products claim to "boost immunity" and although [...]