3 Ways to Stay Present in Yoga Class

We've been covering the 8 Limbs of Yoga and have finally reached the “tip” in the iceberg of yoga, the physical body postures we all know and love! (Still catching up? Here are the posts on Limb 1 and Limb 2!) How many times have you practiced yoga? A hundred? More? Let’s explore how we [...]

Prenatal Yoga 101

Yoga is amazing.  We all know that.  Yoga keeps us strong and fit, clears our mind and spirit and helps us heal. Yoga prepares our internal state for interaction with the outside world - and that is just a tiny, itty-bitty part of this beautiful thing - for anybody. Now, imagine you have a small soul [...]

How to Avoid Wrist Pain in Yoga

Whether you're a seasoned crow-poser or a downdog newbie, you most likely have had some kind of yoga sensation in your radio-carpal joint - also known as your wrist! It's important to find flexibility in this space for long term health on and off the mat. (So that's why we're here!) How many times have you heard, [...]