SIMPLY OM: Our Signature Candle Collection

Our Simply Om candle collection is one of the most highly requested items at The Green Yogi. 

They are made with a clear vision for sustainability in mind + crafted to be boldly eco-friendly + globally conscious. People buy them as gifts for friends or use them to infuse the peaceful vibe of the studio into their homes or offices. We thought you might like to know a little bit more about our signature candle line, why Founder Mary Strong created it, and how you are helping to make a difference every time you buy one.

Our Candles Are: non GMO food grade coconut wax, paraben free, sustainable wax base, essential oil blends, lead free cotton wick, clean burning, hand poured in small batches, made with love in California.

Our Commitment to Serving Others through our Simply Om Candle Collection: We are more than a yoga studio, we believe in giving back whenever we can, and touching as many lives as possible in a positive way. That includes giving to charities and causes we believe in both locally and globally. Proceeds from the sale of our signature “Om Candle” go directly to our favorite causes.

Our Charities: The Simply Om candle supports the following global charities with monthly donations, as well as various local charities in our community:

The Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund

Women for Women International

World Wildlife Fund

Families at The Dump

The Humane Society

The Jane Goodall Foundation

+ Monthly urgent care and disaster relief for various charities

Donation Facts: Through the sale of our Simply Om candle we have been able to donate more than $35,000 to our charities.

How Our Candles Are Made: Wax is the largest component of candles, so it’s worth looking into; particularly considering that you burn candles in your home and/or work space. While paraffin has been the cheap wax of choice for many years, it contains a highly toxic chemicals called benzene and toluene, soy wax has recently moved into second place due to its “natural” credentials. However, if you do some research, you’ll discover that there’s a much better choice for candles: coconut wax, which is what we use in our OM candles, let’s look at why:

*Coconuts are considered a sustainable crop (high yield and crop renewal per acre).

*Coconut oil is organic and more eco-friendly to harvest

*Coconut wax burns slower and cleaner than any other wax on the market

*Coconut wax has been overlooked by the candle industry because it is more expensive per pound. We don’t care: it’s well worth it!

Along with our food-grade certified coconut oil wax, we use lead-free cotton wicks for a safe, clean burn as well as fragrance oils which are RIFM and IFRA approved for safety and purity. We also use pure essential oils in our candles so they are safe to use on your body. You can use them to massage yourself, your lover or rock it as your new perfume or cologne!

Empowering People with Disabilities: Our candle manufacturer believes in giving back just as much as much as we do. Each candle is hand-poured by an adult with disabilities. We are happy to support and empower individuals with disabilities in the workforce through the production of our candle.

Fragrance Allergies: While we understand that scented candles are not for everyone, they are part of The Green Yogi brand and our way of going beyond our daily yoga offering in our small boutique studio, and giving back to our global community. The sale of our Simply Om candle helps us keep our monthly commitments to our various charities without having to rely on the ups and downs of monthly revenue. If you are sensitive to fragrance, we have outdoor seating where you are welcome to wait prior to the start of class and we are happy to work with you to set you up in a part of the studio that is furthest away from our reception area, where we burn our candle. We apologize if this causes any discomfort for you and understand your concerns. We really value you as part of our yoga family always look to make you happy. We hope this has given you some insight into why we created our candle. Giving back to our community is something we are very proud of and hope to continue for many years to come.

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