Our hero for October, Nikki Roy

Our hero for October: Nikki Roy
Number of classes taken since the beginning of the year: 91
Occupation: Court reporter
Fun fact about me: Love to cook and golf!
Charity name: Planned Parenthood.
Why did you choose this charity: Planned Parenthood is a safe place for teens to get fair-minded exploration of sexual issues.
What keeps you committed to your practice: The dedication of wonderful instructors and inspirational fellow yoga students.
Why do you love coming to The Green Yogi: The great community of yoga practitioners that the studio has created.
What inspires you: The yoga spirit that I feel in each and every class.
Who’s your favorite instructor and why: Oh, that’s a hard one as I love them all!  I’d have to say Julie Rader holds a very special place in my heart as she is the teacher that made my practice change from a fitness-based one to a spiritual one.  Honorable mention (in no particular order) to: Danielle, Heather, Anne, Wendy, Amy, Linda & Matt.
What’s your intention for your yoga practice: Hope to be practicing into my 80s.
What song should be on every yoga playlist: Breathe by Telepopmusik.
How long have you been practicing and how has yoga improved your life: I started with Julie at her studio Mukti and then I’ve been at Green Yogi since 2010. Yoga helps me with balance and flexibility off the mat.

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