Our Hero for July: Kevin Blair



Nickname: KB

Classes Taken: 96 since the beginning of the year

Occupation: Capital Markets/Trading for Liquid Venture Partners

Charity: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

FUN FACT: I commute weekly from the Bay Area to Manhattan Beach.

FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR & WHY: I love Anne Spinner’s class- what I like is that I get my butt kicked every class, but to different sequences weekly which keeps each class fresh and lively.

INTENTION FOR YOUR YOGA PRACTICE: “Live and practice on the mat that which you want to manifest in life.” My intention is to stay healthy and strong, and hope to offset the stress of the fast-paced lifestyle of my career.

FAVORITE POSE: I love Warrior ll. It is such a strong and fierce pose, giving me strength, power and self confidence. 

FAVORITE SONG FOR YOGA: I really enjoy the song Sahastrara-Crown Chakra by Energi, I first heard while in shabassana taking a class taught by Ali Owens. I find it the perfect song/chant to end my practice.

WHAT INSPIRES ME: My family– I have three kids: Dillon 21, Kayla 18 and Sam 15, along with being married for almost 23 years. It is my inspiration to stay strong and healthy for them, along with using the breath to stay calm in some of the trying situations of life.

HOW HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING YOGA AND HOW HAS IT IMPROVE YOUR LIFE: I have been practicing for over 15 years, Yoga brought me not only greater physical strength and health, but the ability to operate from a place of deeper truth and authenticity. I’ve also learned to soften, slow down and deepen my relationships with others and with myself.”

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