Our Hero for June: Marisa Landsberg


Class taken: 80

Occupation: Mom, Activist (animals & environment)

Fun Fact: I am a vegan

Favorite Instructor & Why: Sesa O’Connor & Heather Archer because they are the perfect balance of Asana & Yoga philosophy

Intention for Yoga Practice: To quiet my mind & focus on the breath

Favorite Pose: Headstand – I love being upside down and creating space in my body by stretching my feet to the sky and grounding through my arms

Favorite Song for Yoga: For What It’s Worth (India Dub) by DJ Drez – Perfect balance of classic rock and Indian music

What Inspires Me: People who work everyday to make the world a better place for all beings (people and animals)

How long practice yoga and how improved life: I have been practicing yoga for 16 years. It has improved my life by allowing me to slow down and feel grateful and at peace.

I would like the donation to be made to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. They were one of only a few who were willing to take in the dogs who were victims of Michael Vick and the terrible torture he inflicted on them. Best Friends showed the dogs there are good people in the world who cared about them and loved them. They also take in all types of animals in need of love and care.


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