6 Tips to Spring Clean the GREEN Way!

In honor of one of our favorite holidays (Earth Day, of course!) we’re encouraging all of you eco-friendly yogis to donate or give away 31 items – one for each day of April + an extra for Earth Day on April 22nd.

As you’re looking for items to donate, remember that some items need to disposed of in a special way. Here are some tips to declutter the GREEN way!

  1. Do not throw hazardous waste in the trash. Batteries should be taken to a battery recycling collection location. Here’s a list of locations in Manhattan Beach!
  2. Ink cartridges are 100% recyclable. Get discounts when you take them to Office Depot!
  3. Do not throw away large items, electronics including televisions and computers. These should be taken to an e-waste site. Manhattan Beach Waste Management can help!
  4. Before throwing away furniture, consider placing it in your yard for one day with a “FREE!” sign. You might be surprised!
  5. Donate clothing, books and gently used furniture. Places like PickUpPlease.org (who then donates items to veterans!) and the Salvation Army will come pick most items up from your house! Schedule a pickup rather than throwing them away. Minimal effort so you can use that energy for more yoga 😉
  6. Consider repurposing something you’re thinking about tossing. Buying new items not only wastes more in the manufacturing process, it also requires packaging that can generate a tremendous amount of unneeded garbage. Give yourself a fun weekend project! (Don’ worry, you can still count it in your 31 items.)

Consider yourself challenged! Donate or recycle 31 items this month. Go above and beyond (as all Green Yogis tend to do!) and don’t throw anything in the trash…upcycle! Snap a photo of your items and post it on Instagram (don’t forget to tag us so we see it). We’ll give one free class to anyone who posts! 

To help you with proper recycling and disposal, the city of Manhattan Beach has an Earth Day celebration at Polliwog Park and will be collecting gently used, clean, professional and casual clothes as well as used prescription glasses. They’ll also have battery and printer toner cartridge recycling. Clothing will be collected and available to swap at the new Earth Day Exchange booth this year. Any remaining items will be donated to a local charity!

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