7 Year Anniversary Celebrations!

This month marks 7 YEARS of The Green Yogi in Manhattan Beach. 7 years of yoga with YOU, our amazing yoga family. We’re honored to have spent these years growing with you and learning from you. THANK YOU for coming along on this journey with us. We love and appreciate each of you!

To celebrate, we’re having live music in a few classes throughout the month and some discounts on classes!



Learn more about our talented performer, Delfina, here!


We also had some of our long-time students share their favorite memories from the past seven years:

“The Halloween that Matt Rothert, who was teaching the noon class back then, showed up to teach class in a three-piece business suit, complete with tie and all…he then explained that he used to have to wear that suit in his prior life, and how happy he was to not have to wear it anymore! I’m pretty sure he changed back to his normal tshirt/board shorts before long…I’ll never forget how different he looked in the suit. It was NOT the Matt we all know and love!” – Valerie Padgett

“Doing my first hand stand. I was sweating so hard in Tamal’s class that I thought I was going to pass out. Finally feeling comfortable in double pigeon in Matt’s and Chelsea’s classes.” – Charles Schacht

“One of my favorite memories is when I taught a yoga class for a music video for the musician, Bahamas. He played live while a room full of yogis moved to his music. I remember I was 6 months pregnant with Jones and Wendy was overdue with Luca and the class pretty much put her into labor! Unfortunately, they changed the creative for the music video so it never went live, but it was sure fun and memorable…love you, Green Yogi! You will always be my yoga family and my home away from home.” -Linda Baffa

linda baffa manhattan beach yoga instructor

It’s always amazing to see the change in faces, before and after a Green Yogi class. Turns those frowns upside down. A truly magical transformation! -Michael Bratcher

Yoga at The Green Yogi is a very important part of my health and well-being. Although I have my favorites, every instructor I’ve ever taken a class from has just rocked it.  I am very grateful that you are here. -Margot Farris

I wish I had been coming here all 7 years because you are THE BEST!! –DeeDee Ciprari

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