5 Reasons to do a Yoga Teacher Training (in BALI)!

Green Yogi instructors Chelsea Rothert and Linda Baffa are heading to Ubud, Bali from January 16th – February 6th, 2017 to lead an intimate 3-week yoga training immersion! Come deepen your practice without distractions or daily life obligations; just living, eating, and breathing your yoga. Training is for anyone wanting to deepen their personal practice or those wanting to teach.

Why should you travel to Bali? We thought you’d never ask!

5 reasons to do a yoga teacher training in bali
1) It’s Bali!  Enough said.
Bali Yoga Teacher Training Linda Baffa
2) You get to do to yoga for 3 weeks! Nothing will enhance your yoga practice and deepen your connection to your soul more than diving into three weeks of study and practice.
Bali Yoga Teacher Training
3) Your away from home. While doing any sort of deep yoga immersion course will certainly impact your life, when you do it away from home, work, distractions and your daily script, you give yourself an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and truly grow.
Bali Yoga Teacher Training
4) It’s so much more than just a training. When you study yoga with an intimate, like-minded group, you develop amazing connections and great friendships.  When you’re immersed in paradise, your soul feels comforted and safe.  When you get to be with your experienced guides day in and day out, you not only learn in the classroom, you learn all day long.
Bali Yoga Teacher Training
5) It will change your life. A yoga teacher training is an experience like no other, in the sense that while you’re studying and practicing, you’re simultaneously transforming. While you’re learning how to guide others toward peace of mind, you’re experiencing the benefits tenfold.

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Have you ever been on a yoga retreat? What location is #1 on your list of places to visit?

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