Meet the Ladies Behind the New Mantra Muse Clothing Line!

The Green Yogi Manhattan Beach yoga instructors Heather Archer and Danielle Bryce are launching a brand new clothing line called Mantra Muse! We’re so thrilled for these lovely ladies who have given so much to this community, so we sat down and chatted with Heather and Danielle to learn more about Mantra Muse and their vision for the business. (Check out their manifesto at the bottom of this post!)

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Heather Archer and Danielle Bryce, Mantra Muse

Tell us how you got the idea for Mantra Muse!

Heather: I’ve been thinking about mantra muse for probably the last ten years, waiting for the right timing to create it.

I truly believe that our thoughts create our reality and that words carry vibrations. I can think the word “love” and then feel it. Then, if I wear it, written on my clothing, and someone else reads it, they can feel love too. We can uplift ourselves and change the world around us! That’s the foundation of it.

mantra muse clothing line

How’d you come up with the name?

Heather: Mantras are kind of my thing! I know the power of my words and my thoughts and the ability to create through both. Mantras have been a powerful tool for me for manifesting in my life, whether it’s an inner shift that needs to occur or something material I’m trying to create.

mantra muse clothing line

How did the partnership between the two of you begin?

Heather: We’ve known each other for about 7 years. Danielle used to take my yoga classes and we always had a connection, an energy like we had been friends before. Over lunch one day I discovered that not only is she a kindred spirit, but she’s an incredible artist! She’s the perfect person to collaborate with.

Danielle: We’re the perfect team because we’re so similar. We have similar lifestyles and we love the same things. At our core, our values and who we are match.

Heather: I was looking for someone to partner with to bring my visions to life. Danielle ended up being the perfect person! One we started collaborating we realized that we have endless creative potential between the two of us.

mantra muse clothing line heather archer

What’s the most exciting part of launching your business?

Heather: The feedback we’ve gotten from people has sparked our drive to get this brand launched! We’re excited to continue to share and spread the good vibes.

Danielle: The whole process has been really exciting. We’re constantly learning and growing.

mantra muse clothing line

Anything else you want to share?

Everything we do is infused with love and light and we can’t wait to share that with everyone else!

Heather’s Favorites:

Food: Green smoothies in the morning!

Way to sweat: Yoga or activities in nature.

Place to visit: Maui.

Mantra: “I am perfect, whole and complete.”

Piece she’s most excited about: Our Hamsa hand shirts – it really represents everything we love and honor. It’s a perfect collaboration between the two of us.

Danielle’s Favorites:

Food: Things with coconut!

Way to sweat: Same as Heather! Yoga or activities in nature.

Place to visit: Kauai and Australia are tied!

Mantra: “Breathe, believe, and be.”

Piece most excited about:  I can’t decide, I love everything!

The Mantra Muse Manifesto

Manifested and Made in California; Infused With Love, Light and Good Vibes.

Mantra Muse is a lifestyle company born out of equal parts gratitude and vision. Giving consciousness a stylish voice in the world is our passion. We believe in openly sharing what inspires us, in order to inspire you. Together, we actively co-create opportunities to lead active, vibrant and empowered daily lives through mindfulness, positive vibrations, and deep self respect. Self-respect for our dreams, beliefs, and personal truths.

Mantras are sacred words, phrases, incantations and sounds which aid in manifesting our deepest dreams and promoting our truest intentions. To muse, thoughtfully contemplate or meditate upon our mantras with clear intention, forms a Divine Language spoken to clear our path and open our heart.

Practicing or musing our mantras produces a wave of vibrations which activate radiant energy within our body and minds. Moving our intention out into the world, we create the power to transform not only our thoughts, actions, and experiences, but also uplift and amplify the goodness of those in the world around us. This energy, this intention, this practice is a personal yet powerful way of creating a life full of meaning and truth.

We support and encourage every single one of you to live everyday with intention. It’s not just our motto, it’s our credo. We believe in those who believe in themselves, a higher good and a common ground. We also trust that you, organic beings full of love, light, depth and wisdom will want to join us on this life’s adventure. In that spirit, Mantra Muse brings you a visually stunning, divinely inspired line of clothing and accessories that you can sweat, seek, smile and sun in. Endorse your inner muse and let your sense of style and place in this world be a guiding light; a source of inspiration and liberty. Join us in acknowledging and celebrating your charisma and LET YOUR STYLE MATCH YOUR SPIRIT!

Blessing, gratitude and love ~
Mantra Muse

Look for Mantra Muse at The Green Yogi in Manhattan Beach around June 15th! You can also find them on Instagram, @mantramuse. (Their website will be launching soon!) 

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