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Summer is quickly approaching and we’re already filling up our calendars! If you’re searching for kid-friendly activities, we’ve got just the thing: Our instructor Jamie Horgan is leading some great Yoga for Kids classes in Manhattan Beach as a part of a Mukti Yoga School teacher training module. Kids can join Jamie and other yoga instructors who are learning to teach yoga here at The Green Yogi Manhattan Beach! These Mukti Yoga School graduates will be teaching multiple sessions for ages 7-10 and 11-15. Attend one session or all! (Interested in the actual teacher training? Here’s the info!)

Jamie Horgan Manhattan Beach Yoga Instructor

Benefits of yoga for kids:
– Calms the mind, improving concentration, focus, attention-span, learning ability and memory function.
– Builds awareness of self, others, and the world.
– Encourages empathy, tolerance and understanding.
– Pranayama (breath work) improves circulation, digestion and mental function.
– Reduces the risk of injury in sports and games.
– Improves overall cardiovascular fitness and body/special awareness.
– Children grow with the correct balance of joint stability and mobility
– Improves balance, body awareness and alignment.
– Regular asana practice improves posture, endurance, strength and flexibility.
– Balances the endocrine system (stress response) for hormonal health.
– Visualization & breath work reduce anxiety and help kids cope with the stress of modern life.
– Promotes goal setting and team building.
– Builds confidence, self-esteem, compassion and cooperation with themselves and others.
– Improves attention, behavioral regulation, cognitive & social skills, and language development.

yoga groms manhattan beach

What can kids expect from the classes:
– Fun with dancing, singing, and play (the most important!)
– Making new friends and learning to work together
– Learning yoga poses
– Learning easy meditation techniques and breathing exercises

Yoga is more fun with friends – the more the merrier – so please send this link anyone who might be interested! All are welcome!

Tell us: Does your family ever practice together?

Register for Yoga for Kids classes at The Green Yogi Manhattan Beach!

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