Insight from the inside: Manhattan Beach classes as told by instructors!

One of the first things a new student asks when they walk through our lovely garden and into the lobby is “what is (insert instructor’s name here) class like?!”.

The Green Yogi Garden

We’ve recently expanded our stellar team in our Manhattan Beach yoga studio and thought it would be great to let the instructors tell you – in their own words – about their classes!

Check out what they have to say. We challenge you to try a class from everyone on the schedule!

Alexandra Behrens 

alex behrens

I like to think of my class as a dance. We begin with the foundation to warm the body and then transition to moving the body with grace and ease. You’ll work up a sweat as you connect with your inner dancer and will leave feeling strong and flexible!

Alex teaches power vinyasa on Saturday at 11AM.

Ali Owens

Ali Owens Yoga

My teaching method is to approach each class individually, as a unique experience, to shed and reveal inner layers of light within each and every student in the room. The practice is such a wealthy and rewarding opportunity to discover your inner brilliance. Whether it’s through the postures, meditation, pranayama or quiet moments of stillness, you can access that intuitive voice that will guide you through any struggle or challenge in life with ease. Yoga gave me greater access to my ability to cultivate a life full of meaning, love, joy and bliss and my intention is to share some of those teachings with you in every practice.  Oh yea, and throw in a few handstands 🙂

Ali teaches power vinyasa on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30PM and on Sunday at 9:30AM.

Anne Spinner

anne spinner

I’d like to think that my class is fun, energetic and inspiring. We flow to tunes that help you get out of your head, away from your job, away from your troubles and just be in the moment for the time we’re together. It’s a place to come to heal, to get strong, or to be a part of something in our community.

Anne teaches power vinyasa on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:30PM and Tuesday and Thursday at 12PM.

Amy B.

amy b yoga the green yogi

My classes will empower you physically and mentally. I teach with love and humor while helping you make smart decisions for what your body needs that day. IF you like a physical challenge I will not disappoint! You might not even realize how much you’re physically being challenged until you find yourself covered in sweat and trying to recover your ujai breath. My classes can be very diverse,but it’s always power yoga with different class focuses that keep you learning, rounding out your yoga practice.

Amy teaches power vinyasa on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30AM.

April Martucci


I teach a “soft intensity” class, which consists of intelligent sequencing, breath work, going upside down often and lots of sweat and vigor. Tons of hands on assists.

California hasn’t made me too soft yet. (Editor’s note: April recently moved here from New York!) Still from the school of hard knocks. I give good neck massages and a killer shoulder stand assist.

April teaches power vinyasa on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7AM.

Chelsea Rothert

chelsea rothert manhattan beach yoga instructor

Vinyasa –  My power vinyasa yoga classes are challenging yet grounding; creative yet traditional; thought-provoking and inspiring. I believe I provide something for everyone.

Prenatal – My prenatal yoga classes offer a safe space to strengthen, lengthen and prepare the body and mind for birth. I believe that a regular yoga practice gives women the tools they need to breathe and honor movement; ultimately allowing them to become more in tune with the natural process of labor itself. My knowledge as a birth doula really brings a new dynamic to my yoga classes.

Yin – My yin yoga classes are grounding, meditative, and inspiring. Using long deep holds and conscious breaths throughout class, you leave feeling blissful and clear-minded for days to come.

Chelsea teaches power vinyasa on Sunday at 4:30PM, prenatal Sunday at 11AM and yin on Friday at 6PM.

Ellen Gomory

ellen gomory

My classes are upbeat and energizing, with creative, physically challenging sequencing and lively music. Classes are designed to empower students to connect with themselves and their community, and most importantly have fun! 🙂

Ellen teaches power vinyasa on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12PM.

Heather Archer

Heather Archer

I’m a Mukti teacher through and through. I am to liberate my students as I lead with love in all of my classes. I challenge you both physically and mentally through creative flow sequencing, keeping you grounded with a constant reminder to breath and be present to this beautiful life you’re creating.

My intention is to inspire each of you to MOVE into your full potential; creating a space of unity where you can heal and grow physically, mentally and spiritually, strengthening your connection to source and self…ultimately EVOLVING!

Heather teaches power vinyasa on Tuesday and Thursday at 7AM and 4:30PM and Saturday at 9:30AM.

Jamie Horgan


Be prepared to sweat like crazy, zen out to cool jams, and bliss out in an innovative and super fun power flow!

Jamie teaches power vinyasa on Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM and Saturday at 8AM.

Julie Radar

Julie Rader

My classes leaving you feeling as though you just had a workout, massage and astrology reading all at once. There’s a strong emphasis on alignment and breathing techniques while keeping a fluid vinyasa pace. Positive and inspirational spiritual elements are weaved into the sequence and every class ends with a singing bowl guided savasana.

Julie teaches power vinyasa on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30AM and leads a meditation on Thursday at 9AM. *Note: You can get take the meditation for free if you stay for her 9:30AM vinyasa flow!

Matt Rothert

Matt Rothert

Relax your mind, restore your body and reconnect with your soul. I like to think my chill attitude and soothing voice remind you that all is well – just what you need to bring balance to your busy life.

Matt teaches yin on Sunday at 6PM.

Sesa O’Connor

sesa yoga

In my classes I’ll make you check yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. As I gently lead you through an intense and vigorous class, I’ll give you cues to check in with your body and make sure you’re doing what feels right to you – reminding you that it’s not about how “far” you get into a pose but as long as you’re feeling it and challenging yourself – but not loosing your breath because of it – you’re doing it perfectly. I’ll constantly give you the reminder to check in with your breath to help keep the mind from wandering and allow it to stay present, guiding you back to a meditative state. After savasana with a little surprise (what’s come to be called “Sesa’s Mist”) we’ll end the class with three Om breaths and a little spiritually thought-provoking message. You’ll always leave your mat with something to work on.

I had a student that used to be in the air force tell me the other day at the end of class, “You would have made an amazing drill sergeant. And the army would be better off if drill sergeants were like you.” It made me laugh and just reaffirmed what I’ve been told in the past…I put people through sequences they don’t necessarily want to go through, but I do it so sweetly, gently, calmly and with a little bit of laughing so they want to do it anyways. They’re always grateful they did, in the END 😉

Sesa teaches power vinyasa on Monday and Wednesday at 7:30PM.

Tamal Dodge

tamal dodge

I teach a strong sweaty vinyasa flow class focused on alignment and infused with music. I end with a deep savasana accompanied by Sanskrit chanting and meditation. I like to think of my classes as east meets west. A perfect blend.

Tamal teaches power vinyasa on Monday and Wednesday at 6PM and Sunday at 8AM.

Have you experienced all of our instructors?! Stay on the lookout for workshops and other special events that these amazing yogis hold – we want to see you there!

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