Fall Equinox: Find Your Balance and Celebrate Fall

Anyone feeling a little fall-ish?!  It’s hard to do here in Southern California – we’re just reaching our peak heat wave!  Maybe though, you’re starting to feel a shift in the length of the days or a change in mental or spiritual energy. You might be recognizing that your mornings are a little later and that evening comes a bit quicker. We’re entering the fall equinox! This is a period that’s frequently viewed as mysterious as we find a balance between darkness and light in our lives.


Equinoxes happen twice a year, in the spring and fall. They refer to the time when day and night are approximately equal lengths as the sun crosses the equator. This year, the fall equinox falls on Wednesday, September 23rd. (We’re celebrating in our Manhattan Beach studio on Tuesday 9/22 with a live drummer during Jamie Horgan’s 6PM class, followed by free juice from Kreation Juicery – join us!) 

Many cultures celebrate the equinox in different ways. In the west, it’s most common to celebrate the coming of fall, but it’s a beautiful time to go within and celebrate on a spiritual level too.

How can we make this time important to us? Try to take the next few weeks to carve space for you! Here are 3 simple ways you can use this moon energy:

1) Create balance. One of the most basic aspects of the autumnal time is that the days and nights are equal lengths, or balanced. It’s a perfect time to bring more balance – in whatever way that applies to your life – and own it!

2) Make a list of your inner harvest. While we celebrate the harvests of the fall, it’s great to make a list of all the achievements and experiences you’ve felt throughout the past seasons. Doing this will restore gratitude into your space.

3) Consolidate your energy. Determine what’s important to you and your life and spend your time accordingly. Winter is a time of internal growth and reflection, so clear your mind and eliminate the clutter before the season starts.

Linda Sunset

Last, here are some easy ways to celebrate this holiday! Grab a friend and start enjoying your autumn!

Plant a bulb – you don’t need a garden, a pot will do. Visit a local farmers market and pick up a tulip bulb. Gently plant it under a few inches of nutrient rich soil. As you plant each bulb, focus on your intention for those things that you are cultivating throughout the winter. As the bulbs sprout, you will be reminded of these intentions and the work you set for yourself as the season change.

Clean your space – yes, do an autumnal cleaning. While we commonly think of “spring cleaning”, “fall cleaning” is a great way to prepare us for winter, when we’ll be living indoors more. Giving your space some love will bring you more happiness each time you come home – and who couldn’t use more of that?

Regenerate – sleep more, sleep later. Get a massage. Give your body the opportunity to repair and rest. Invest in some lavender oil and mist your pillow each night before bed to allow for more restful sleep. Allow yourself to take in more, whether its nutrients, sleep, love, kindness or anything you may be lacking.

Have you celebrated the equinox before? How so?! Will you celebrate this year? We want to know everything – we are constantly adding new traditions to our own lives and your thoughts are so lovely!

With love and gratitude and lots of fall blessings,


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