Back to Yoga Checklist: 5 Supplies to Create a New Routine

As the days get shorter, and pumpkin spice makes it’s way into everything, it is hard not to feel a little bit like I should sharpen some pencils and pull out my backpack!

Anyone else have that feeling? There’s something about the start of a fresh academic year that’s exciting – the potential it holds in the new-ness of everything from people to notebooks, the potential for new memories and maybe even the comfort of routine.

A routine? A schedule? Most of us have daily routines and schedules we follow everyday – not just during the academic year! This year, what if we take advantage of the potential of the academic year to establish a personal routine, a series of exercises and thought patterns that serve our physical and mental bodies?

Obviously our new “school year” calls for a fun supply list, and lucky for us, there aren’t any crowds to fight through or lines to wait in!

Back to School Checklist1) MAT – Your investment in a new mat does matter! A new mat can mean the difference between liking and loving yoga. Try one that’s designed to be non-stick. I’m partial to Manduka’s proLite mat – it’s very sticky and made to be antibacterial (!). Check out the mats in the studio for the latest in colors and designs.

manduka mats

2) TOWEL – A towel can extend the life of your new mat while also keeping you slip-free! A towel is also a fun way to change up the colors that you’re focused on during class – have you ever noticed how certain colors change the way you feel? (One towel tip: give your almost-air-dried towel a go in the dryer with a lavender-scented dryer sheet or a quick spray of lavender. It will seal the scent and have you even more relaxed during class!) Check the studio for the latest colors and patterns of yogitoes!

3) OUTFIT – We all have our preferences when it comes to yoga attire, but just like your first day of school outfit, clothes can have meaning and can signal a shift in our mental state. When you select something to wear for the first day of your new routine, give it that intention as you make your purchase. Then, every time you wear the outfit you’ll be reminded of your commitment!

ellen gomory

4) ATTITUDE – For this schedule to stick, you must be conscious of your attitude toward a challenge. Establish what your attitude will be throughout the year and stick to it. Encourage yourself to push hard one day but also give yourself breaks. I have spent 70 minutes of a class in child’s pose before – I promise that your attitude toward yourself and your health will make this school year routine fun and interesting, whether you’re in crane pose or savasana!

5) PRIORITY – As busy people with schedules and other responsibilities, this “supply” may be the MOST VALUABLE tool we have. Make your routine a priority. Schedule a yoga class on your calendar and then treat it like any other appointment or meeting. Show up and be present! Also, be aware of your options that don’t invove a studio trip – The Green Yogi Online is a great way to explore yoga in your own home (or in a hotel room!) and lets you decide the length and type of class you take. This means no excuses for your new scheduled “health class”!

What does this time of year signal for you? Does the comfort of a school year routine sound inviting? What’s on your own “supply list”? We want to know and we want to see you in class 😉



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