Green Yogi Of The Month, Berkeley: Heather Kerrihard!

manduka yogi of the month

We are so excited to honor Heather Kerrihard as our Manduka Yogi of the month for July! Heather has only been with us at The Green Yogi for five months and she has already taken over 130 classes! She inspires our Green Yogi community with her strong practice (often doing more than one class per day!), humble heart, and cuddly companion, Ginger!  We’re honored to have you in our yoga family, Heather!

OCCUPATION: Musician and Music Teacher

NICKNAME: The Groovemaster, or Heather-Bo-Bether

FUN FACT ABOUT YOU: My little dog, Ginger, is the love of my life. She goes with me everywhere. You will see her at the studio with me. Any morning you don’t see me here at the studio, it means I am taking her for a run through the forest (Tilden Park, my other favorite place). It also means I will probably be at the studio that afternoon or evening!

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR AND WHY? I love all of them. I do not play favorites. Every teaher at this studio has given me something very special, that I could not possible have received from anyone else. They all have a unique gift that only they can share.

WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION FOR YOUR YOGA PRACTICE? To feel my connection to all life on this planet. We are all energy. I feel that.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE YOGA POSE? Again, I don’t play favorites. I am learning to find the joy in every pose. It’s the flow between them and the breath of life you out into them that matters. That is where the energy is.


WHAT INSPIRES YOU? The beautiful and amazing people I have met at this studio. They are some of the most kind, genuine people I have ever known. I am surrounded by a truly loving and caring community here, and that is the most inspiring thing I can imagine. When I am here, I remember that none of us are alone in our human experience.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING AND HOW HAS YOGA IMPROVED YOUR LIFE? I have been practicing for almost two years now. Yoga has improved my life in every way imaginable. I have found my true self. I have become a more complete person. I have learned what truly matters. It has revolutionized my understanding of my own existence. I have become who I really am. It has healed me in a way nothing else ever has.

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