How to Create a Yoga Space at Home

You know that feeling when you’re rushing around like crazy, just trying to get to your yoga class on time? Or when you’re scheduling your day and your studio’s class times sadly don’t work? We’ve been there. Sometimes you just can’t make it to the studio. Even though we’d love to see your smiling faces, we’ve still got you covered with The Green Yogi Online!

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Still, finding a quiet, relaxing place in your home can also feel overwhelming. It’s tough to stay centered when your dog is barking or you can see those dirty dishes sitting in your kitchen sink. More often than not, we skip savasana all together! We admit, we’ve even gotten up during a yin relaxation video to get a snack. (GASP!)

Since you’re probably the only person there to hold yourself accountable, the key is a comfortable, quiet environment that allows you to focus.

Here are our tips for creating a peaceful yoga space in your own home (or right outside it, if that’s an option!) with limited distractions.

outdoor yoga

  • Find an open space. Lay down your mat and test out your favorite poses. Make sure you won’t hit a wall or piece of furniture. Clear away any clutter.
  • Be bright! Because light brings energy, make sure the space is well lit. If you don’t have a ton of natural light, scatter candles around the space.
  • Keep props close by. Eliminate the chance that you’ll have to leave the space to get something like a block, bolster, strap or towel. Keep a water bottle handy, too!

bkr water bottle on yoga mat

  • Stay away from technology as best you can. You’ll need a TV or computer for our online videos, but stash away your phone and get rid of any other distractions that might side-track you.
  • Check the room temperature. Make sure it will still be comfortable once you start moving.
  • Make it beautiful! Just as a new outfit can motivate you to get your downward dog on, a beautiful space can also be inspiring. Decorate with flowers, plants, candles, and/or a colorful blanket.

home yoga studio

Recommended Items:

Yoga mat

Towel (we’re a fan of yogitoes by Manduka!)

Bolster or blanket



Water bottle



Essential oils (we love lavender and always have it in our studio!)

Fresh flowers

Share your home studio on Instagram and tag @thegreenyogi and #GreenYogiAtHome and you’ll be entered to win a free month of online classes! A winner will be drawn on June 8th. Good luck!

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