Q&A with Instructor Chelsea!

Today we’re sharing a Q&A with our wonderful instructor, Chelsea Rothert! You’ll find Chelsea teaching yin relaxation class on Fridays from 6-7:30PM, a power vinyasa class on Saturdays from 11-12:15PM, and a prenatal yoga class on Sundays from 11-12:15PM!

chelsea rothert

Where did you grow up? All over. I have a gypsy mother who floated us from place to place. I was born in Florida but lived most of my formative years in Toronto.

How did you get started with yoga? I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii at the time. I remember taking my first class and found myself crying. I felt so much gratitude flowing through my heart. Gratitude that I had made this bold move to such a beautiful place, gratitude that I had found a practice that seemed to make my heart burst open, and gratitude that I was simply alive. I bought a monthly unlimited package after that very first class, and never looked back from there.

Chelsea Rothert

What pose was most challenging for you to learn? Seated Meditation. The physical asanas are all challenging in their own way, but nothing challenged me more that just sitting quietly and learning to become still. I am what most people would call a “busy-body.” I am always on the go, planning, doing, thinking. So the idea of sitting with no purpose other than to simply be was and is still the most challenging pose for me today. However it is also the most rewarding one of all.

What inspires you? People inspire me. I love people. I love that we all come from somewhere, that we all have our own stories, and yet that we are all so alike. I am continually inspired by the people I meet on and off the mat everyday.

What are your classes like? What’s your teaching style? My teaching style is unique to me. I refer to it is “Chelsea flow” because I teach according to how I feel that very day. Some days are vigorous and tough and other days it is simple yet strong. I am a true believer in the importance of both the Yin and Yang energy. It think it’s important to sweat, move, and be challenged, however, it is equally important to be still and to hold poses so that we can learn how our bodies and minds react to the stillness…

Chelsea Rothert

What’s your favorite quote? The pose begins the moment you want to come out of it.

What are your specialties? I specialize in prenatal yoga. Along with being a yoga instructor, I am also a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator. Pregnant women and the miracle of birth will never cease to amaze me. I have been fortunate to witness quite a lot of women bring their babies into this world – mostly all of the Green Yogi staff in fact 🙂 -and nothing compares to the rawness and the wholesomeness that this particular experience brings. I truly believe that providing women with the tools and empowerment to birth naturally is my calling. It is my passion for sure! (We’ve just started a Sunday 11:00am Prenatal class at the studio. Come check it out!)

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