Green Yogi of the Month Manhattan Beach: Toya Anderson!

We’re thrilled to honor Toya Anderson as our Manduka Sponsored Yogi of the Month for January, our first of 2015! At last count, Toya had taken an incredible 426 classes with The Green Yogi. We’re so impressed and are extremely grateful to have you in our family, Toya! Read on to learn more about what inspires her. (We’re loving her answer on how yoga has improved her life!)

Toya Anderson

Toya Yogi of the Month

OCCUPATION: Instructional Coach – I train teachers on how to incorporate technology into classroom instruction.

NICKNAME: My Dad calls me Corolla (as in Toyota Corolla). My sister calls me T-Boz. Some friends call me T. Students call me Ms. Anderson.

FUN FACT ABOUT YOU: I spent my 40th birthday snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef as a non-swimmer. At the age of 44 I took swimming lessons and learned to swim.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR AND WHY? It’s a toss up between Jamie, Linda and Wendy. Each of their classes is so different, yet equally amazing. I always get just what a need. However, Saturday morning with Jamie is a special kind of awesome. My weekend just isn’t the same without it.

WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION FOR YOUR YOGA PRACTICE? Self-acceptance and compassion. 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE YOGA POSE? I love the sequence – Warrior 2/Triangle/Half Moon. The sequence represents everything I love about yoga; strength, balance, focus, flexibility. It also makes me a little giddy. 

WHAT SONG SHOULD BE ON EVERY YOGA PLAYLIST? Prince – Let’s Go Crazy. I am also still waiting for Jamie to do a disco playlist! 

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Passionate and smart people who are incredible at what they do. Who also maintain balance, humility and gratitude.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING AND HOW HAS YOGA IMPROVED YOUR LIFE? I have been practicing yoga for a little more than 6 years. Weight and body image have been a lifetime struggle for me. Yoga has helped me to be present and accepting, wherever I am in my weight loss journey. Practicing yoga has quieted the critical voice in my head and I don’t compare myself with others or judge myself for my setbacks, flaws and imperfections, as much as I once did. With yoga I am becoming more and more accepting, embracing and loving of me.

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