Green Yogis Of The Month Berkeley: Kevin and Theresa!


We are so excited to honor Kevin and Theresa Lew as our Manduka Sponsored Yogis of the month for DecemberSince our Grand Opening in January 2014, Theresa has been a dedicated Green Yogi. As of the end of November, she has taken over 185 classes!! Kevin joined Theresa in March, and he instantly became just as dedicated–he’s taken over 170 classes!! Their peaceful and hardworking spirits continue to inspire everyone in the Green Yogi Tribe. We are honored to have them in our yoga family!

OCCUPATIONS:  Theresa: Radiation Therapist. Kevin: Radiation Therapy Dosimetrist – designs the radiation fields which are used in cancer treatment.

FUN FACTS ABOUT US: We’ve been married for 31 years.  We are immensely proud of our family: Two sons, one daughter-in-law and one grand dog:  Eric-engineer in the aerospace industry, Vicky-working on her masters in Occupational Therapy, Garrett-works in management for a non profit, Ella-an adorable cockapoo! The five of us are going to Ecuadorand the Galapagos Islands this month. We are all looking forward to exploring and experiencing new things together. We tried a few other activities as empty nesters: Taiko drumming and Latin dancing, but didn’t get very far due to Theresa’s lack of rhythm. Theresa grew up in family of 8 daughters (with one bathroom in the house), and thus learned how to share from an early age.  Kevin grew up in Berkeley! Attended public school all the way from K through CAL.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR AND WHY? We’ve had the pleasure of trying just about every instructor and haven’t met one that we don’t like!  We regularly attend classes with Marina, Mary, Maria Christina and Christy – these four have a great presence – just seeing them puts a smile on our faces and sets the tone for a great practice.   All of the teachers are good for the soul! Truly impressed by how artfully they guide and flow through their appointed session.

WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION FOR YOUR YOGA PRACTICE? Theresa: To stay grounded and feed my mind, body and soul.  Kevin: To get into the ‘zone’. Strive for an inner quietness. Seek a balance within this mind-body discipline.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE YOGA POSE? Theresa: Savasana – Once I am in that pose, I know I have completed a good practice! Kevin: Warrior 2


WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Theresa: The women in my family who are no longer physically with me – my mom, aunt and grandmother. Plus, all of my patients – they are going through probably the most challenging time of their life. Kevin: Random acts of kindness. Theresa Lew. Mary Strong-Sullivan. The Green Yogi teachers.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING AND HOW HAS YOGA IMPROVED YOUR LIFE? Theresa: 6 years. Yoga has been an integral part of keeping myself centered and present. Yoga allows me to take care of myself in order to take care of others at work and at home. I love the community at Green Yogi. Kevin: March 2014 at the Green Yogi at the age of 61! It’s never too late to start yoga! I came to rehabilitate my lower back. I soon discovered the spiritual nurturing of yoga. It was liberating, come to your mat and clear your mind. I am a convert, so I guess that makes me a disciple of Mary Strong-Sullivan!

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