Green Yogi of the Month North Berkeley! Jess Chavez

Jess Chavez YOM

We are so excited to honor Jessica Chavez as our Manduka Sponsored Yogi of the month for November! Jess has been practicing with us since the beginning and working her way up to more and more classes every week. At last count she’d taken almost 90 classes! We are continuously inspired by her positive energy and love for yoga and we are honored to have you in our yoga family!

OCCUPATION: I am a registered dental assistant in a general practice here in North Berkeley. I have a degree in photography from Sonoma State University. I am slowly making my way to learning digital photography. It is quite the learning curve from manual film.

NICKNAME: When I was younger my family would call me Jessie Wessie. My mom still does sometimes..

FUN FACT ABOUT  US: A fun fact about myself is that I am really lucky at winning concert tickets off of the radio. I have had lots of wins.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR AND WHY? I could never pick a favorite instructor, they are all so talented in so many ways. Also I have not experienced them all! So with said, it wouldn’t be fair to answer. But with every class I attend I always gain something meaningful.

WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION FOR YOUR YOGA PRACTICE? Clarity is my intention for my yoga practice. With every day my mind collects or sits with so many thoughts. These thoughts can be good or bad. In my practice I like to clear my mind. I attempt to think about as little as possible.  In return I can feel a little more at peace with life.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE YOGA POSE? I enjoy so many yoga poses I don’t know if I have a favorite. Though when I did do my first hand stand at a wall, I was so happy with myself. It was very nostalgic, I could feel the room for growth within myself.

WHAT SONG SHOULD BE ON EVERY YOGA PLAYLIST? One day in Eric’s class he played Aqueous Transmission by Incubus. I melted with happiness.  I had forgotten how much I love that song. Thats a keeper.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? All forms of movement inspire me. With every move there follows a rewarding outcome. Each individual can create their path. That inspires me to always get up and do something.  Life is short. I want to make the best of it.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING AND HOW HAS YOGA IMPROVED YOUR LIFE? I began my yoga practice in May of 2013, yoga has improved my life by showing me how to slow down. I practice my slow and controlled breathing, it has gotten tremendously better. Practicing at the Green Yogi makes me feel apart of a caring and loving community of good people. Thank you to everyone at the Green Yogi.

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