Yoga: My “100-foot hole”

Today’s post is from North Berkeley Green Yogi teacher Christy Evans! She will be leading a Mukti Foundation Teacher Training starting October 25th as well as offering a Teacher Training Preview September 28th, 2014 from 4:30-5:30pm to give interested students an idea of what a teacher training is like as well as a 45 minute free class! Click here for more details and keep reading to Be Inspired by Christy Evans’ story.  team_Christy-Evans2 It was reflected to me in my early 20’s that I was metaphorically digging hundreds of 1-foot holes, all the while avoiding the one, 100-foot hole I was actually seeking, me. That lesson stopped me in my tracks and without knowing it then, that was the start of my yoga journey. Up until that moment where I was sitting there talking to this mindfulness-based meditation teacher, life was only happening out there, externally: treating patients by day and night, collaborating on a research article for publication, co-creating two adult speech therapy books, starting a home-health business with colleagues, jumping out of planes to get my A-license in skydiving, and then … I found my way into a yoga class. I had resisted yoga for years because I thought it was just stretching (ha!). One day as I was hanging out at the drop zone passing time between jumps (skydiving) a friend invited me to a yoga class. I was confused, I didn’t understand how someone with this much energy could stay engaged for an entire yoga class (“of stretching?”). I became curious, accepted the invitation, and the rest is history. That day long-ago, this young, competitive, athletic, twenty-something-me met the challenge of a power yoga practice. The real gift I received from that yoga class is that it met me where I was at mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. That one class invited me to go deeper into the body through an exploration of powerful asana while subtly, introducing me to my very own and relatively untouched “100-foot hole”. That was well over a decade ago and my journey continues. The journey, or yoga, does not end at some static place, rather it continues to unfold in each moment, pose, and breath. The path of yoga continues to be my guide and teaches me how to connect with, and live from, this inner awareness. While teaching yoga, I hold a gentle space for students to connect with their own “100-foot hole” journey within, a movement of the heart toward authentic being. My intention as a teacher of yoga, meditation, and vinyasa is to offer the practices in a playful, compassionate, and creative way that ignites this inner flame and sparks the curiosity toward an exploration of inner freedom, Mukti! On October 25, 2014, I will be leading a Mukti Yoga Foundation teacher training at The Green Yogi in North Berkeley. This training will hold space for those who are ready to say yes to their next growing edge on and off of the yoga mat. I look forward to sharing many of the tools and techniques that have facilitated my journey toward authenticity, connection, and presence while collectively we will dive deeper into the ancient science, art, and joy of yoga. For those ready for heart activation and embodied transformation, come play!

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