Earth Day Celebration

At The Green Yogi we like to think about our planet and how we can help it every day of the year, but isn’t it nice we all have a day specifically dedicated to our planet?

manduka is also a company that works with planet Earth top of mind, which is why we team up with manduka as often as possible! They sponsor our Yogis of the Month with generous gift bags and we provide our yogis with their blocks and mats to rent during classes. But I think what I appreciate most about manduka is along with their commitment to the environment is how well their products perform and function, better than any I’ve tried.

Which is why in honor of Earth Day we are celebrating with manduka all April long. If you bring in your old yoga mat you will get 20% OFF any manduka mat sold at The Green Yogi.

This year we will be donating all mats to Western Avenue Elementary in Los Angeles for their Youth Yoga Program!! Spread the practice of yoga to our younger generations and donate your yoga mat!


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