Green Yogi of the Month! Kara Bryden

Kara Bryden

Meet manduka sponsored and Green Yogi of the Month for April, Kara Bryden! Kara is one busy lady and we are honored she uses The Green Yogi to help herself let go and find balance between working hard and living well. Read on to Be Inspired.

OCCUPATION:  Pediatrician and Chief Resident of the Department of Pediatrics at Harbor UCLA Medical Center

NICKNAME:  Growing up, “Kar-Kar,” At work, “Chief,” At home, “honnies,” (yes, its plural…not sure how that evolved!)

FUN FACT ABOUT YOU:  I’ll admit, I had to solicit this from several of my peeps.

Brother: That your bat mitzvah theme was skiing

Best Friend: That you’ve had the same best friend for 30 years

Best Friend’s Husband: That you’ve travelled to some of the most exotic and best surf spots with your husband

Co-worker: That you keep a positive thoughts jar next to the candy bowl, to feed both body and soul

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR AND WHY?  I have enjoyed so many classes at Green Yogi, but for me, its Tamal. For some reason I have always liked a challenge, especially when it comes to exercising, and Tamal always brings it. I just can’t pry myself away from his classes; they just hurt so good! His singing during savasana is so rewarding and allows for the most emotional and reflective sessions I’ve ever had.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE YOGA POSE? Anything involving twisting. I love twisting. Heart openers feel delicious as well. There’s nothing like a good old Up Dog.

WHAT SONG SHOULD BE ON EVERY YOGA PLAYLIST?  Florence and the Machine, You’ve Got the Love

WHAT INSPIRES YOU?  I have so many role models for different reasons, but the commonality among them seems to be insight; both internally and externally. Having the ability to go internally and reflect is so powerful and benefits not only yourself, but everyone around you. People who can apply the same principle to those and situations around them have compassion and empathy, which are two qualities that truly inspire me.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING AND HOW HAS YOGA IMPROVED YOUR LIFE?  I have been doing yoga off and on for 14 years. A year after I moved to El Porto, the Green Yogi opened its doors! I went frequently then and restarted about 9 months ago after a long stretch of running. I was drawn back to yoga because I wanted to dial down the intensity in my work out and for its meditative benefits. Yoga has improved my life in more ways than I can describe. It has aided me in accepting myself, in keeping focused and calm while I studied for my Pediatric board exam, in reflecting, and in realization of things I had tried to suppress. Whether it was the long holds, the words of the instructor or even during savasana, every practice touched my soul.

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