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Read all about it! The Green Yogi Berkeley was featured in the Berkeley High Jacket recently. This is the first time, we know of at least, that our studio has been reported on in a high school newspaper, and we think it’s pretty awesome!

As yoga becomes more and more prevalent in adult practitioners lives it only makes sense our younger generations are going to jump on the yoga mat too. Personally, I started practicing yoga in college, but what I would not give to have started earlier. Especially in those awkward, self-doubting stages of junior high and high school!

Thank you for the shout out Leyla Farzaneh, we hope to see you and your fellow Berkeley High Jackets soon in class! (read Leyla’s story below or click this link)

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The Green Yogi Opens on MLK

The recently opened yoga studio, The Green Yogi, located conveniently on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, gives off a relaxed vibe with an unmistakable infusion of hipness. This atmosphere is accentuated by the wide windows and a floral scent emitted by the candles throughout the lobby.

The Green Yogi held its inaugural class on Saturday, January 18. Owner Mary Strong is excited to spread her business to the Bay Area from its first location at Manhattan Beach. She knew she had found the perfect spot the minute she walked into the building that would become The Green Yogi. “It had all the elements I was looking for and that same peaceful, happy feeling I had when I walked into our first studio in Manhattan Beach,” said Strong.

Strong began doing yoga as a collegiate and professional athlete to become more flexible and heal injuries and soon she was hooked. Strong taught yoga throughout her career as a broadcast journalist but finally decided yoga was her primary calling a couple of years ago. Vinyasa yoga (the style she teaches) combines power, endurance, and core strength with flexibility and cardiovascular health.

The studio specializes in power vinyasa yoga but also has candlelight yin relaxation classes in the evening several times a week. The classes incorporate music for a high-energy practice and are accessible to yogis of all ages and levels.

The Green Yoga prides itself on its environmental friendly practice. Strong commented, “We want to inspire people to not only practice yoga but think about how their actions affect our planet when they’re off the mat.”

The French glass doors and windows are recycled from salvage yards around Berkeley and the company is completely paperless, using iPads to check guests in.

“We really want this to be a sanctuary for people, a place where they can feel taken care of,” Strong said. “Our goal is to take yoga to a new level and really see our guests and get to know their personal journey.”

She also emphasized her goals of creating the feeling that The Green Yogi is a family.

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