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Have you had a chance to check out all our online classes yet at The Green Yogi? They’re truly fantastic and we are filming more classes all the time!

In addition to the wonderful Hip Opening, Detoxifying, Strengthening, Lengthening, Backbends, Arm Balances, and Relaxation classes there is also a really informative and helpful Quick Tips section that I love. I know I’ve mentioned the quick tips before, but as a yoga teacher I think explicit instruction that you can see, press pause, rewind, and play again are so valuable. In a class setting it can be challenging to internalize and execute what a teacher means when she says, land in chaturanga if you are jumping back in your vinyasa…

So Mary Strong with the help of Anne Spinnerbreak down the most common parts of a yoga class, that even though we practice and hear the instruction for all the time, makes such a difference to see and replay in the comfort of your own home! Hear and see why we practice vinyasas, the difference between up dog and cobra, how to hop from down dog to uttanasana, how to fly in crow, and the proper alignment in down dog.

Every time you step onto your yoga mat you have an opportunity to rewire yourself, a chance to become the person and yogi, you want to be. These tips and techniques will improve your alignment and transform the way you move on the mat, so you can enjoy the fullest expression of your practice!

Click here to check them out now! Online month passes are only $15!! Day passes are $5!

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