Live Music at The Green Yogi

For all you lucky yogis that get to take Amy B‘s Funky House Yoga on Fridays at 9:30am at The Green Yogi you are going to love what she has in store for you this week (Friday, February 21st). Amy is welcoming musical artist, Delfina, to sing and play while you flow and sweat!

Music and yoga is a natural marriage between two disciplines that, at their core, are designed to bring about a transcendent state of mind. The merging of sonic waves and physical movement can create beautiful moments, and Delfina is not to be missed.

In the era of the iPod most yoga classes use some form of music, but in my opinion live music is extra special. When a musician expresses their artistry, while the audience moves through vinyasas and asanas, the line between singer and yogi can disappear into a common flow of breath and movement. Creating at best an inspiring relationship and at worst a lovely moment. Both are win wins in my book.

If you’re interested in previewing Delfina’s music before Friday or if you can’t make it Friday but don’t want to miss out, click here to see what she’s all about!

Delfina WitzEnd Flier

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