Olympic Gold

Have you been watching the Olympics? I’m obsessed… albeit I’m a day behind on our dvd recordings and have to try to avoid spoiler alerts on the radio!

I especially love the personal stories that are highlighted in between event coverage. The US ice dancing team of Davis and White that have been a couple since they were 8 years old, the drive of 15 year old Russian phenom Julia Lipnitskaia, heck, even the Thank You Mom commercials make me very happy!

But since watching Sage Kotsenburg win Olympic gold with our 23 month old, he thought they were flying, we’ve made a point to watch every snowboard run since. The women’s competition was equally exciting, especially for us here in the US of A, that got to cheer for Lake Tahoe’s own Jamie Anderson.

image via nbc

image via nbc

She is the first woman to ever win a gold medal in the event since it is a new event this year, and she credited her success to yoga, meditation, and candles. Jamie’s training schedule probably helped a bit too, but I loved that an athlete of her level acknowledged how much her training off the slope helped to give her the edge she needed to stay calm and outperform every other woman in the world.

The night before her competition Anderson said she was so nervous she couldn’t even eat. Her solution was mediation music, burning sage, lighting some candles, practicing yoga to clear her head so she could meditate and say her mantras to relax and prepare for her event the following day.

Jamie explained, “Yoga always comes through for me. It`s all about the good vibrations and then I slept really good… and it worked out for me.”

image via washington post

image via washington post

What have you been watching at the Sochi Olympics? Who are your favorite athletes in these games? I’d love to know!

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