Have you heard about Alejandro Junger’s books CLEAN and CLEAN GUT? I feel like I keep hearing friends talk about it at The Green Yogi, yogis I don’t know talk about it at The Green Yogi, and people everywhere else besides The Green Yogi talk about it…

I need to read it myself, just ordered it from Amazon! because I love the concept of the first CLEAN book: “to restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself. ” Food is our number one source of energy, I’d much rather eat the right things that keep me healthy than take medicine to feel better once I’m sick! (And do a lot of yoga to keep me strong and balanced!)

From friends currently in the cleanse portion, their reviews have been glowing along with their skin. According to them they can still eat most foods, think lean proteins, most veggies with the exception of nightshades… tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc. because of gut sensitivity. And lots of fruits except for citrus because of acidity, and bananas and strawberries, again for sensitivities. And then the normal no no’s in cleanses… dairy, eggs, gluten, caffeine, alcohol, sugars, certain oils.

There’s other specifics too. It lasts 21 days, liquid meals for breakfast and dinner, in the form of smoothies and soups, not eating for 12 hours between breakfast and dinner, some supplements. I need to read more on the details, but from friends it seems challenging yet totally doable!

So. Have you tried this cleanse? What did you think? Are there other ones you’ve enjoyed more? How did you feel during and after? Did you change the way you eat and enjoy food after the cleanse? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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