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You might remember this post back in September, about The Green Yogi creating online classes?

Well the wait has paid off and The Green Yogi’s online classes have launched this past week, click here to see them! We are so excited to extend our outreach far beyond our studio, so that anyone in the world can take our teacher’s awesome Power Vinyasa, Restorative, Pre-natal, and Meditation classes. It’s also perfect for our regular yogis that travel for work, can’t make it to a regularly scheduled class, busy moms that only get to practice during children’s naps, the stay at home yogi who prefers the structure of taking classes from the same teachers week after week, and the yogi that wants to save some money… A month subscription is only $15!! And a day pass is $5! 

As of right now we have pre-recorded over 35 classes that vary in style, length of time, teacher, and focus so that each yogi can decide what class their body is calling for. Similar to an in the flesh class you’ll see teachers settle in at the front of class in the beginning and proceed to experience a thoughtful, energizing, bliss-filled yoga class our regulars have come to expect and love. There is an ever changing cast of yogi practitioners you might get glimpses of since these were all real classes we recorded, but for the most part you will have a clear view of our teachers as they guide you through their classes.

In addition to our full length classes, founder Mary Strong and instructor Anne Spinner, have filmed 10 Quick Tips ranging from 2-7 minutes that are fantastic. They cover how do practice a vinyasa safely, the difference between cobra and up dog, how to improve your hop from down dog to the top of your mat, how to jump back from crow to chaturanga, as well as several others!

This is phase 1 of our launch so expect to see more classes, workshops, and teachers in the near future!

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