Free Yoga at The Green Yogi

Every few months The Green Yogi offers Yoga 101 for new and seasoned yogis that are looking for a little refresher. If you’ve missed the opportunity before, now is your chance!

Wendy Garafalo will teach the 2 hour workshop, Saturday January 25th from 4:00-6:00pm, and is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the practice of yoga and prepare to take classes.

Most people I talk to that haven’t tried yoga usually say the same thing, “I don’t want to do yoga because I’m so inflexible.” And my response is always the same, you are exactly who needs to do yoga!

It’s always hard to try a new activity or sport especially one that seems so foreign to your normal routine. Not to mention it can be intimidating to try it for the first time with your super bendy friend or really strong boyfriend. Which is why this workshop is optimal for people new to yoga as well as for more seasoned students who want to review the basics.

Topics will include yoga etiquette, basic asana and alignment, sun salutations, breathing techniques, and movement and breathe connection (vinyasa flow). All new students receive same day discounts on our introductory offer and class packages. This workshop is complimentary! Click here to sign up!


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