Green Yogi of the Month: Valerie Padgett

We have a great time every month deciding who we want to honor as our manduka sponsored Green Yogi of the Month for January. It’s funny though, every month when we look at who inspires us and who is at the studio the most the same name is always first. Valerie Padgett. Literally, since we honored her over a year ago as our very first YOM, she has always racked up the most classes out of anyone every.single.month! It is an incredible honor to share a space with her because she is a little ray of sunshine we love to see. Congratulations Val! Read on to Be Inspired

Val with her manduka swag!
Val with her manduka swag!

Name: Valerie Padgett

Nickname: Val

Occupation: blissfully retired Registered Nurse

Fun fact: I am currently on day 56 of an unbroken streak of classes at The Green Yogi. My longest streak ever!!! Last day I missed class was October 13th…

Who is your favorite instructor and why?I could NEVER answer this question. The true magic of The Green Yogi is that everyone, starting from Mary, Rachel, and the amazing Analeis, on to all the fabulous instructors, are so warm, open, embracing, and friendly. From the time I walk in the door, I feel welcomed, peaceful, and uplifted. Each instructor brings their own special touch to the studio, and together it makes for a wonderful, energizing and peaceful experience. I never fail to leave the studio feeling less than joyful. A shout out to Tug, too!

What is your intention for your yoga practice?My intention is to become strong, centered, flexible and open, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. It is a continuous journey, I have discovered. My daily yoga practice provides these things. I just don’t feel “complete” if I have missed class. “A day without yoga is a day without sunshine!”

What is your favorite yoga pose?Headstand, Sufi rolls, and Titibasana

When you’re not on the mat, where can we find you?I am seen walking my sweet little dog all over town. I use this time as a moving meditation, and I have been spotted in some really strange places, without realizing it. I walk about 50 miles a week. He’s a very fit little dog! I also manage my family’s real estate portfolio and act as property manager. In between, I just goof off and enjoy the delights of living in our great little community.I have raised my children and now it’s “me time.”

What song should be on every yoga playlist?I am currently on a retro kick. I’m enjoying Cat Stevens, the early years, especially. Any tune of his will do…

What inspires you?Open, compassionate and nonjudgmental people. I know it when I see it. I am trying to become more like these people. Some days I succeed, more often I fail, but they inspire me to keep trying. It is a journey, just like yoga.

How long have you been practicing and how has yoga improved your life?I have been practicing yoga for 14 years. My very first class was with Julie Rader, at a tiny studio in Hermosa Beach. What a joy it has been to see her flourish as an instructor and teacher trainer. Yoga has improved my life in EVERY way. Physically, I am much stronger. More importantly to me, I am much calmer, grounded and accepting, and I just don’t stress out like I used to when challenges and stumbling blocks come my way. This is huge for me. I was an anxiety junkie!! It sounds so cheesy, but yoga makes me want to be a better person.

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