Yin and Yang

The term Yin and Yang is often used to describe the seemingly contrary forces that are in fact interconnected in our world. We can’t have one without the other; physical manifestations like life and death, male and female, light and dark, fire and water, are all opposites but complimentary.   Chelsea and Matt

Which is why we are so excited at The Green Yogi because newlyweds, Chelsea and Matt Rothert, have taken this concept and created a NEW special Yin Yang Yoga class! It will be a 90-minute class that combines Power Vinyasa Flow with Yin Relaxation. Yin and Yang are complimentary forces more powerful when combined than when separated.

The first 60-minutes will be a vigorous Power Vinyasa Flow (standing poses to build heat through lengthening and strengthening) followed by 30-minutes of deep Yin Relaxation, (slow, cooling long held poses lengthening the connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons). During this class you will build sweat and strength as you significantly deepen your flexibility and calm your mind, you will leave feeling balanced and relaxed. All levels are welcome and we hope to see you there!

Sunday December 8th


Regular Class Pricing

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(This Yin Yang class replaces the 6pm Yin class on December 8th which is cancelled for holiday fireworks at the pier)

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