Arm Balances

jamie arm balance
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We love our arm balances at The Green Yogi, they can be really fun poses to practice! But they can also be extremely intimidating for yogis and (even our seasoned veterans) because we very rarely stand on our hands in our day to day lives or other workouts.

With arm balances, falling is a big worry and we tend to correlate falling with failing, even though yoga is a practice and is never actually mastered. Furthermore, many women in particular, believe they don’t have the arm strength. Makes sense right? We stand on our feet or sit during waking hours, not on our hands or forearms! (Which is why plank is an amazing pose, it is one of the most effective arm balances to practice as it truly strengthens every major and minor muscle group).

So… for those of you wanting to take the next step and advance your arm balance practice, join Jamie Horgan this Sunday, October 27th, at The Green Yogi from 2-4pm for an Advance Your Practice Workshop focusing completely on all those FUN arm balances! And arm balances aren’t just cool party tricks, they have really important benefits as well, they build strength, which translates into bone strength overtime, better balance, confidence and humility! Everyone falls one time or another in yoga and in life; we all need to be able to have a chuckle, brush ourselves off, get back up and try again.

We hope you can join the fun, click here for more details and to sign up for the Advance Your Practice (Arm Balances) Workshop!

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