Another Team Adds Yoga To Their Training

Eventually, yoga in collegiate and professional sports teams training regiments won’t be surprising, but until that day I’m going to keep sharing their stories here on The Green Yogi‘s Blog!

image via Ames Tribune

image via Ames Tribune

The Iowa State Cyclone Basketball team has actually been practicing yoga in their off season since Coach Hoiberg took over in 2010. And since they’ve started practicing ISU has made two NCAA tourneys in a row, not too shabby. Yoga’s secret is getting out, practicing strengthens the mind and body!

“I feel like it’s definitely built our mental toughness,” [forward Georges] Niang said. “If you’re not used to doing something, just pushing your body to a new limit and having yourself know at the end of the day that you can do it when you went in to it thinking that you couldn’t. When Emily is telling you not to let up, this is all in your head, it’s so true,” he added. “It’s like when you’re down five with 30 seconds to go. You have to tell yourself you can do it and fight through.”

“Yoga’s been great for us,” senior Melvin Ejim said. “Physically, we’re getting a lot of stretching in, a lot of exercise that we don’t necessarily do in the weight room. And then mentally, it’s challenging for a lot of guys.”

“To be able to completely focus on one thing, to let go of what your mind is thinking and kind of just give yourself the opportunity to get everything out of what you’re doing,” said Ejim, “I think it’s a great opportunity.”

image via Ames Tribune

image via Ames Tribune

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