Advance Your Practice

How is your yoga practice going?

Really well I hope! I ask because we all need to self evaluate from time to time and in yoga it’s no different. Some questions to ask yourself… Do you feel challenged in your day to day practice? Do you wish you could try more arm balances, back bends, inversions, etc. but are nervous about doing them in a regular class? Have you thought about, what every yoga teacher talks about, finding your “edge?”

No matter what level yogi you are, you probably have asked yourself one of these questions at one time or another. And depending on your answers you are now in luck, Advance Your Practice Workshops are back at The Green Yogi!

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Jamie Horgan is teaching Advance Your Practice Workshops every Sunday from now until November 3rd from 2-4pm. Each week Jamie will build up to a specific advanced pose or group of poses. The sequence will properly warm the body up to experience the fullest expression of each pose. The focus will be in exploring your body’s capability for expansion, balance, and strength in a playful, humble way. Modifications and options will be given to ensure a safe practice for all. You can go to just one or every Sunday for a complete body challenge. Click here to register.

Upcoming Weekends

10/13 – Deep Backbends

10/20 – Lunar Flow

10/27 – Arm Balancing

11/3 – Inversions

We hope you can join us!

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